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Alam’s Story

Scripted 10-episode drama series created by phoSumpro! for 8TV.
“Alam’s Story” is based on the life of the winner of So You Think You Can Dance Malaysia season 1. We see the humble beginnings of this homegrown talent and his rise to fame as Malaysia’s favourite dancer.

What makes up Alam’s life? His family, his crew, moments of joy and laughter, the growing pains and heartache, victory and defeat, his friends, the love of his life and of course, dance.

phoSumpro! spent 2 months with Alam and his family and friends in order to delve into his story. 10 45-minute scripts were written based on this research. Having established a connection with the real people in Alam’s life, screen tests were done to see if it would be possible to cast the actual characters. And it worked – with script reads, rehearsals and innovative ways to hide the camera while shooting. Using a cast of real people was a risky and daring decision that really paid off.

Yin Tan & Joanna Chan

Mai Fernandez

Steven En & Edmund Wong

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