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What Men Want

Original 13 Episode Scripted Reality Drama Series developed by phoSumpro! for ntv7.

What Men Want deals with what it means to be a man in this day and age. In order to find the answers, the show exposed the complexities and intimate details of the lives of 6 men as they pursue, discover and realize what they want. Each episode rummages through the most private phases of the male psyche, their feelings and thoughts.

phoSumpro! developed a 360 degree campaign along with Media Prima Digital to create a social forum for people to discuss pertinent issues related to this topic. A Facebook fan page was launched for each of the guys, taking the drama onto social media in between each episode’s airdate. Twitter chats ran while the episode aired and audience engagement was taken further with discussions and contests on the official fan page. Unseen footage was released on YouTube, mobile wallpapers and exclusive ringtones were available for download on ntv7’s website.

Produced by:
Yin Tan

Directed by:
Mai Fernandez

Jordan Chiam

Hosted by:
Deanna Yusoff

Created by:


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