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Fuelled by Fans

Original branded content developed for Petronas as the core content for their #like2savefor 360 campaign.

“Fueled by Fans” existed on several platforms. phoSumpro! produced a 6 half hour episodic series for terrestrial tv (ntv7), 12 different cutdown versions for YouTube (3 and 1 minute), 72 celebrity videos over the 5-day challenge to be uploaded on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Weibo. The campaign started 4 weeks before the airdate where audition videos, behind the scenes, call to action promos and on ground event highlights were produced and disseminated on several media and social media platforms.

#like2savefor was a campaign to showcase that Petronas Ron95 fuel gives you more miles for less money. “Fueled by Fans” was a 5-day race (for most miles, not speed) around peninsular Malaysia with 5 teams completing tasks while being assisted by fans through social media throughout the journey. Each team is made up of a fan and their favorite celebrity. By the 3rd day of the competition, social media trended with the hashtag and hundreds of fans showed up in towns and the outskirts of KL to meet and help their favorite celebrities.

Petronas Berhad

Media Agency:
Zenith Media

Creative Agency:
Leo Burnett

Yin Tan

Mai Fernandez

Created by:
Zenith Media & phoSumpro!


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